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Guitars: ESP Eclipse-II FR, Gibson Les Paul Custom Plus, Line 6 Variax Acoustic
Amp: EVH 5150 III
Pickups: EMG 81/60
Strings: GHS Progressives (10-52)
Picks: Custom Dunlop Tortex (1.14mm)
Effects: MXR, Dunlop

Other Current Band


Previous Bands

Freak Seed, Epitaph and Aftershock

Favorite Bands/Artists

All-Time Favorite: Metallica

Current Favorite: Foo Fighters

Others: Priestess, Alice In Chains, Pantera, Testament, Shinedown, Maroon 5, Exodus, Overkill, Machine Head, Stone Sour, The Beatles, Elliott Smith, KISS (original lineup), Corrosion of Conformity, Iron Maiden, Tenacious D, Nirvana, (hed) P.E., Slipknot

Guitar Players

Dimebag Darrell (R.I.P.), James Hetfield, Alex Skolnick, Steve Vai, Marty Friedman

Other Interests

Sports Teams: Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees

TV Shows: Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead, Mad Men, House of Cards, Breaking Bad, NCIS

Hobbies: Playing, writing and recording music

Quote: "You don't work music, you play music." - Edward Van Halen